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Our Catalogues

Catalogues are available in paper format (free of charge to UK only or on receipt of suitably prepaid SAE for overseas clients), but we recommend the use of our online, searchable catalogue, since it is updated whenever a new play is published. It has been designed with theatre groups in mind - so you can search by cast size, for example, depending on who is available for the next production if you wish.

For paper catalogues, write to us or email us from the contacts page, stating whether you want the catalogue of full length plays, one act plays or both. Alternatively, you can download them in electronic format here. You'll need Adobe Acrobat® Reader, which is available free on the internet if you don't already have it. The files take a while to load, so be patient, but they're absolutely free.

full length catalogue | one act catalogue | Acrobat Reader

Please note that these catalogue files are rarely as up to date as the online catalogue We recommend using the search system on the left

 How to use the New Theatre Publications online catalogue:-

Select the length, type of play and cast size you're looking for, then click Search. This will give you a list of plays that meet your requirements. Click on any to read a synopsis, order copies or apply for a licence.

If you are searching for Pantomimes, all pantomimes will be displayed, regardless of cast size and length.

Alternatively, if you're interested in particular plays, use the search filed to specify a (full or partial) title, author or ISBN.

Please note you CANNOT download the plays direct from this site. email us or fill in the catalogue form and we will email them to you in Zipped pdf format.