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Membership of the Playwrights’ Co-operative is by annual subscription (currently £15)

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if you have a credit card and email address

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Members receive regular newsletters giving them details of writing opportunities, competitions, courses, etc., and an individual profile opportunity on the web site. 
By becoming a member of the Playwrights’ Co-operative you also become eligible to submit plays to be considered for publication. Membership does not guarantee publication, as all submitted plays are subjected to a reading process whereby they are examined from three different perspectives:-

  1. By an established Playwright;

  2. By an experienced Theatre Director;

  3. By a Theatre Critic.

This reading process is vital to our success as it ensures the market place that we have a quality product on offer. If accepted, the Co-operative covers the full cost of publication.
It should be made clear that The Playwrights’ Co-operative and New Theatre publications are totally against any form of vanity publishing.

If you wish to know more about the Co-operative, or wish to apply for membership, please email us with your request giving full details of your name and a postal address. We’ll send you an information leaflet.




NTP lets its writers know in advance when and where their work is being performed and offers them two complimentary tickets to see productions

NTP pays its writers 70% of performance fees

NTP promotes the writing of New Theatre and puts the needs of the writer first

Because, as writers, we know how tough it is for new writers to break through

New members and new submissions welcome