We provide a comprehensive Search Engine for our plays.

Pantomimes - since the casting of pantos is so variable, we don't list them in the main section. If you want to see just pantos, click the CLICK FOR PANTOMIMES link.

Length - To specify the length of play you're looking for, select One Act for just 1A plays, Full Length for just FL plays. Selecting both, or neither, gives you all plays regardless of length..

Type - we provide five categories: Comedy, Drama, Musical, Panto and Youth. If you select, for example, Musical, you will get all those plays which have been marked (partly or wholly) as Musicals (including adult and youth musicals). If you also select Young Casts, you will get only those musicals suitable for young casts. 

Cast Size - We've tried to be as comprehensive as possible. You can tell the search page how many actors you have available. If you think you will have between 2 and 3 men and between 2 and 5 women, enter those figures into the relevant boxes. The results will include any plays you can cast - for the above example this would include anything from 2m 2f to 3m 5f and all combinations between, including taking account of extras and chorus where possible. It's not always possible to zero in exactly on your figures, so the search engine occasionally makes guesses. We suggest checking the individual play's page to be sure in all cases.

Free Text Search - Finally, we have a selection box where you can enter any text to search on. Enter a whole word or part word, or the ISBN number if you know it and the search facility will retrieve all plays with matching characteristics. Note that this is sometimes a quicker way of getting what you're looking for. For example, if you want momologues with 1m or 1f and specify as such in the Cast Size fields, it will also look for plays with 1m and 1f. A quicker way would be to type Monologues into the search bar.